Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Confessions of a Cosmetics Junkie

Ever since I was a little girl, I've loved makeup. Specifically the bright blue eyeshadow that Vada Sultenfuss wears in My Girl. The part where Macaulay Culkin asks the Vada character, "What's wrong with your eyes?" and she responds with: "A girl can never wear enough eyeshadow!" has stuck with me all these years.

I lost my mom when I was pretty young so everything I know about makeup has been through trial and error or learned through vlogs on YouTube and googling. I don't (and won't) pretend I have all the answers. I also won't pretend like I am a professional. I won't give you guys information that I don't stand behind 100% and wouldn't pass along to my daughter someday. The only thing I can do is continue my trial and errors and document them and share with you all. This will still be a learning process for me, too.

Another thing I should probably mention is that I am cheap with a capital C. A good portion (ok, most) of the cosmetics I own were bought from drugstores or Walmart. I did receive some Youngblood products as a gift once (and still use and love) the brushes. That plus the Naked2 palette my hubby bought me as a gift this Christmas (which I've reviewed recently on MUA and will post) is about as high-end as I've gotten.

I'm planning on signing up on Ipsy to receive a Glam Bag full of products every month. It will be a fun surprise once a month that's loaded with cosmetics for only $10! What's not to love?! I'll be sharing these with y'all in the form of a blog post that includes reviews on the products. Can't wait!